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Technically, it’s a light lager brewed with flaked corn. The industry calls it a Mexican Lager. But we call it a Chela. It’s an every occasion beer; from hanging with your homies to just coming home from work. Nothing complicated. Nothing fancy. This is a beer for the people. Cerveza para la gente. ¡Salud!

Style: Mexican-style Lager | ABV 5.3% | IBU 18 | Food Pairing: That’s a hard one.. it goes well with anything!

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Playa Pils.png

A German style Pilsner built for the beach, this beer practically named itself. A truly sessionable beer with low IBU's and an extensive lagering time. Crisp, bright, and a touch of sweetness to round out the finish.

Style: Golden Ale | ABV: 5.3% | IBU 25 | Food Pairing: Tacos de Pescado



Guava flavor abounds. A light in color and light in body golden ale sees an addition of 15lbs of guava puree and the results aren't shocking, it's all guava. A fair bitterness creates a finish to the beer that isn't too sweet and beckons you back for more — so long as you like guava. Have we mentioned there’s guava in this?

Style: Guava Golden Ale | ABV: 5.4% | IBU 36 | Food Pairing: Ceviche of the day

Available on tap and in 500mL bottles.

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Clasica_500ml cropped.png

A glowing copper color, this traditional Märzen style beer showcases a rich maltiness with a crisp lager finish. ¡Muy rica!

Style: Amber Lager (Märzen) | ABV 5.4% | IBU 30 | Food Pairing: Empanadas de Borrego

Available on tap and in 500mL bottles.


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With a rich malt backbone, this traditional German dark lager features smooth chocolate, caramel and roasted coffee notes.

Style: Dark Lager (Munich Dunkel) | ABV 5.6 % | IBU 30 | Food Pairing: Costillas

Available on tap and in 500mL bottles.

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Oro del Barril.jpg

Oro del Barril

[oh-roh] [dehl] [bah-RReel]

Our very first barrel fermented brew; we’ve come together with Dobbes Family Estate to develop a beer concept demonstrating our connection and shared knowledge between these two communities. Starting with a Guava Golden base, we fermented it in Chardonnay barrels with Lees. The result is a lighter and brighter beer with pronounced notes of guava and white wine. Oro del Barril, a brew that both discerning beer drinkers and selective wine drinkers can get behind. Served in a 10 ounce pour.

Style: Barrel fermented and aged Golden Ale | ABV 5.1% | IBU 22 | Food Pairing: Tacos de Pescado



1913 Peach Kölsch

[meel] [noh-veh-syehn-tohs] [treh-seh] [peech] [kohlsh]

Gilgamesh Brewing and Xicha Brewing have come together to create this beautifully refreshing Peach Kölsch with Tart Cherry, just in time to welcome Gilgamesh The Woods to the neighborhood. We have collaborated on this beer to celebrate the rich agricultural heritage of West Salem, and pay homage to the year West Salem officially became a city, 1913. The mild bitterness balances the sweet and tart fruit profile on this Kölsch ale, enjoy the best of both ales and lagers with the refreshing brew.

Style: Kölsch | ABV 5.3% | IBU 18 | Food Pairing: Tacos de Pollo

La Cobriza.jpg

La Cobriza

[lah] [koh-bree-sah]

This copper colored Maibock starts off with a light, crisp impression, soothing into a deeply sweet, malty body with honey and toasted notes and finishes with a well balanced finish.

Style: Maibock | ABV 6.5% | IBU 25 | Food Pairing: Cubano





A brew inspired by the popular Mexican cocktail, Paloma, this Gose is just as refreshing. Sweetness and salinity dance happily in sync, while coriander provides a light herbal touch. Add the tanginess from grapefruit and you have yourself a brew meant for hotter days and better times. Brewed and released specially for Oregon Brewer’s Festival.

Style: Gose with Grapefruit | ABV 3% | IBU 10 | Food Pairing: Tostadas de Camarón


Dos Mundos.jpg

Dos Mundos

[dohs] [moon-dohs]

Pouring with an aromatic, citrus head, this IPA sings strawberry jam notes with a robust bitterness, all provided by Idaho-7 and Magnum hops. Toasted and Caramel malts balance out the body while cap-sparged CaraRed malts lend it a signature, deep orange hue. The result is an IPA showcasing “old world” malt characteristics with a “new world” hop profile.

Style: IPA | ABV: 7.1% | IBU 60 | Food Pairing: Tacos de Camaron

Seasonal and experimental

Please note not all beers are readily available.

Pale Especial.png

A copper colored pale ale brewed with mango heartily hopped to hold its own against the sweeter mango addition. A fine balance of malt, hop, and fruit.

Style: Pale Ale | ABV 6.5% | IBU 44 | Food Pairing: Tacos de Puerco


Cabeza Dura Cutout.jpg

Cabeza Dura

[kah-beh-sah] [doo-rah]

Meaning “Hard Headed”, Cabeza Dura is a single hop IPA, made with Columbus hops. It features a punchy hoppiness and a deep pensive aroma with understated citrus notes. If you are a stubborn Northwest IPA fan, look no further. We crafted this just for you amigo.

Style: Northwest IPA | ABV 6.2% | IBU 50 | Food Pairing: Shrimp & Asparagus Quesadilla



Hefecito [heh-feh-see-toh]

Hefecito is what our kitchen crew affectionately calls our head chef, meaning "little boss". Hefecito is a very traditional German hefeweizen, a wheat beer (weisßbier) made with yeast that produces flavors of banana and cloves that starts sweet and spicy, finishing with a tart edge.

Style: Golden Ale | ABV: 5.2% | IBU 17 | Food Pairing: Spicy Quinoa and Shrimp Salad

La Roja.jpg

La Roja [lah] [roh-hah]

A ruddy red ale with a roasty, malt backbone with a bright finish. A lighter body and a dashing of Amarillo hops on the dry side make for an exceptionally easy drinking red ale.

Style: Red Ale | ABV 6.2% | IBU 50 | Food Pairing: Nacho Xicha



Amor Apasionado

[ah-mohr] [ah-pah-see-oh-nah-doh]

Our love for combining Latin American flavors and European styles, shines through this Passionfruit Gose. Sweetness from the passionfruit and hints of citrus, create a beautiful juxtaposition with the salinity found naturally in this beer style. This crisp, thirst-quenching Gose is perfect for those endless summer days.

Style: Passionfruit Gose | ABV: 4.6% | IBU 10 | Food Pairing: Alitas de Guayaba

Amor Apasionado.jpg

505 Pale.jpg

505 Pale

[fahyv] [oh] [fahyv] [peyl]

This is a shout out to New Mexico, also known as The 505, or the new Mexico, or Nuevo México. We brought some Hatch green chile all the way from southern New Mexico, roasted it, and added it to the boil. The end result is sessionable, suggestively smoky, with bright pepper flavor throughout. It should be noted that this beer is far from spicy, and more aromatic.

Style: Pale Ale | ABV 6% | IBU 42 | Food Pairing: Torta de Pollo Adobado


Asset 1.png

Cascade, Centennial, El Dorado, and Belma hops feature in this Hazy IPA. The intense hop build bursts with bright, juicy tropical fruit and floral flavors only to be compounded with the tartness and sweetness of passion fruit. Sip after sip, you might end up blissfully wondering if we squeezed some passion fruit straight into the beer.

Style: Passion Fruit Hazy IPA | ABV 7.25% | 20 IBU | Food Pairing: Tostadas de Camarón

Available in 500mL bottles.

Passiflora_500ml cropped.png

Lupulo Fresco.jpg

Lúpulo Fresco [lOO-poo-loh] [fres-koh]

Featuring Cascade and Nugget hops from our friends at Crosby Hop Farm. A slightly sweet, malty body contrasts beautifully with its trademark fresh hopped, crisp and bitter finish. Caramel and floral notes combine in this straw colored brew with a thick, creamy head.

Style: Fresh Hop IPA | ABV 6.9 % | IBU 55 | Food Pairing: Empanadas de Borrego



Fuerte [foo-er-teh]

Fuerte, meaning "strong", is a beer aptly named for it's strength. This double IPA  pours a glowing golden color and is properly bitter. It's hopping of Simcoe and Amarillo creates a fruity yet still balanced beer. Fuerte is strong, but nothing to be afraid of.

Style: Double IPA | ABV: 7.8% | IBU 77 | Food Pairing: Smoked Trout Taquitos




A Latinx spin on a northwest IPA. We took an IPA and added two classic Latin American flavors of chile and tamarindo. The fresh roasted guerito chiles are a nice marriage with the hops, creating an enticing aroma that grabs you; the tamarindo cuts right through the heat and lends a mild tartness. We then added some tangerine to add sweetness and to help balance out the tartness.

Style: Chili IPA | ABV 6.4% | IBU 65 | Food Pairing: Cubano



Xoco Porter

[choh-koh] [pohr-ter]

Our take on a classic Porter. It has a nice base with notes of cacao nibs and dark chocolate. The combination of Saaz and Fuggle hops gives it a strong finish for the cold and cloudy weather.

Style: Porter | ABV 5% | IBU 45 | Food Pairing: Tacos de Barbacoa



Sahti [sah-tee]

A collaboration with our friends at SAW, Ratchet, Bine and Old Standby made for McMenamin’s Barley Cup. Based on a very historical style, this beer features yeast from Scandinavia and Juniper from Central Oregon. This thick brew features notes of banana and juniper with a malt backbone to support it. Served in 10oz pours.

Style: Sahti | ABV: 8.2% | IBU 1.9 | Food Pairing: Braised Pork Taquitos