We’d like to introduce to you an exciting monthly food+beer pairing for the fall and winter; Brindar [breen-dahr]. Meaning to toast or to offer, Brindar will focus on and celebrate different cuisines from Latin America, as interpreted by Chef Ricky Antunez.

Each month we will provide a diverse 5 course dinner showcasing an individual country's flavors. Our head brewer, Matt Dakopolos, has collaborated with Ricky to creatively pair each dish to a complementing beer brewed in house. Each dinner will be limited to 30 people.

Our hope is to provide an experience that educates on Latin American cuisines not commonly found in the Pacific Northwest and on beer profiles and how to pair them.

Cost is $65 dollars per person and will include: 5 course meal and 5 beer pairings. Tickets are limited to 30 and can be bought via the link provided on this page. Save your spot today!

Must be 21 or over to attend.


Brindar: Perú | October 11th

For our first Brindar: food+beer pairing, we will be showcasing a country whose colorful cuisine is influenced by its seaside, rainforest and most famously known, mountainous regions: Perú.

Vengan, ¡Brindemos a Perú!

Brindar: Perú 10/11
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