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Cerveza. Comida. Cultura.

Xicha Brewing [chee-chah] [broo-ing] is a new brewery located in West Salem, Oregon. We aim to offer an inclusive, family-friendly cultural environment by creating community around high quality, fresh Latin American food and house-brewed European ales and lagers. Our goal is to honor Latin American traditions while constantly seeking out opportunities where those traditions creatively collide with new ideas.



576 Patterson St. NW, Suite 140, Salem, OR 97304


Tuesday - Saturday: 11am to 9pm
Sunday (brunch): 9am to 12pm
Sunday (regular menu): 12pm to 9pm
Monday: closed




Xicha [chee-chah] honors our shared food and flavor traditions. We serve beers paired to the tastes of the Willamette Valley and true to the culture of the Americas. In our brewpub you will find a mix of ale and lager beer styles sure to please your palette.




As part of our beer crafting process, we believe it is important to think about the food it can be paired with. Our aim is make our beers pleasant and drinkable, while at the same time considering flavors that link them to the many Latin American dishes served at our brewery.




As inspiration, we draw from an entire hemisphere's worth of culture, which is how we get some of out most intriguing ideas for both beer and food. We aim our beers both at craft beer drinkers who enjoy crisp flavors, and at folks seeking a cultural experience that honestly and creatively reflects a combination of tradition and modernity.




One of the most exciting parts about this project is the team that makes it work. We have Ricardo and Margarita Antunez, current owners of Pura Vida Cocina based in McMinnville. Ricardo is the chef, while Maggie is heading up the front of the house. Matt Dakopolos is our Head Brewer, and Ben Mendoza is our Business Manager. There are several others that have helped us along the way that we consider part of our team; a few of them are pictured below. 




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